balance: 10000 sat

  • Guest mode allows you playing for free and without signing up. You have access to all the game modes and fairness verification. Test your luck and try out different strategies.
    *guest mode balance is only valid for the current game and isn’t saved. If you've used up your guest balance, just reload the page and get a new one.
  • How to play - choose the probable sum of numbers when two dice are rolled, wager on it - if your number and the sum of two dice are equal - you win. You may wager on more than one number at the same time to mitigate risks. The service itself excludes any manipulations. You can verify fairness in the section Seed Settings at any time.
  • the minimum bet is 100 sat
  • the maximum bet is 1,000,000 (temporary restriction)
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC (100,000 sat), the Bitcoin network fee is subtracted from requested amount
  • withdrawals are made once a day at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • the funds kept in our hot wallet are kept to a minimum as a security measure and are refilled periodically
  • the chat will be made accessible after you sign up


In the bitcoin gambling community a standard solution has been developed to allow players to verify the results of their bets, to prove that the house did not alter them in their favor.

2dice was created with the goal of providing 100% fairness transparency so you can verify the integrity of each roll and confirm that they are not being manipulated. Our random numbers are generated through the use of two separate seed numbers, the server seed and the client's seed.


Remember that you can change and check the seeds used. To do this, click the "Seed Settings" button. You will be shown the SHA256 hash of the server seed, which will be used together with the proposed client seed, which you can change by clicking "randomize" Changing the client seed used will also show the previous server seed, which you can then check to see if the seed was which we havehed and showed you.


  • a client seed is taken
  • a server seed is taken
  • sha512 of the server seed + the client seed is calculated
  • the first two hash triplets are used as dice values:
  • for example, for the resulting hash ddaf35a193617abacc417349ae...
  • the first dice is 0xDDAF35 = 14528309
  • the remainder of division by 6 + 1 = 5 + 1 = 6
  • the second one is (0xA19361 % 6) + 1 = (10589025 % 6) + 1 = 3 + 1 = 4